You Can Avoid Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Even though your children’s baby teeth are temporary, they are still very important to the health of your child’s permanent teeth. According to Powell Pediatrics, your baby or toddler can also get cavities. Kids need healthy and strong teeth to speak and chew food. The first teeth help make sure that the adult teeth erupt … Continued

What’s the Fuss about Sunscreen?

With all of the publicity regarding sunscreen, it is imperative that you make sure the sunscreen that you use on your kids is as powerful as it claims to be. In a recent report back in May of 2016, a study revealed that almost half of the sunscreen products that are sold in the United … Continued

Is it an Allergy or a Cold?

If your son or daughter can’t stop sniffling and sneezing, but you aren’t sure if it is a cold or allergies, schedule an appointment with Powell Pediatrics who can determine what the cause of your kid’s congestion is. Allergies can bring watery eyes, sneezing, itchy nose, and itchy eyes. Sometimes your child may complain that … Continued