Healthy Kids This Halloween

It is Halloween month and that means lots of treats. With that being said, your family can still enjoy tooth friendly snacks during the first holiday of the season.

Halloween Tooth Friendly Tips

When it comes to anything moderation is the key. Be sure to shop for sweets that don’t stay in the mouth forever, and candies that aren’t sticky.

Chocolates are more tooth friendly than caramels. Caramels and fruit candies will stay in the cracks and crevices while chocolate dissolves quickly.

Be sure to look through your children’s treat bags. Of course you do this for overall health, but it’s important to do it for oral health as well.

The Halloween Fairy is Real

Allow your kids to choose treats from the allowed bowl and send the others to the local Halloween Fairy to avoid temptations.

After the candy has been enjoyed make sure that teeth are brushed and flossed before bedtime.

Enjoy the holiday with friendly treats and don’t forget to schedule regular appointments with Powell Pediatrics. Your kids will thank you for it well into adulthood.

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