Keeping Kids Healthy During the Holidays

Keeping your kids healthy during the holidays can be tough. With parties, events and other activities happening from October to the first part of January, it’s important to keep tabs on what they are putting in their mouths.

Keep Candy to a Minimum

If you want to keep your kids healthy, skip the hard and chewy candy. Try some homemade fudge or other sweet treats that won’t break teeth, or pull out fillings.

Stay Active to Keep Kids Healthy

The entire family has a tendency to overeat. Make sure you keep plenty of healthy snacks on hand, just don’t overdue the dried fruit platter as figs, dried apricots and mangos are loaded with sugar and, just like caramels, can wreck havoc on dental restorations.

During the holidays, keep your family healthy with good food. Avoid the sugary snacks and you kids will thank you for it, maybe not now, but they will eventually.

Happy Holidays from the team at Powell Pediatrics!