Moles on Kids What to Look For

Moles on kids are not unusual. New moles will begin to appear and disappear throughout childhood and through adolescence. As your kids grow the moles will become larger, which is completely normal. According to Powell Pediatrics, these changes are normal. Although melanoma is rare in children, there are some signs to look for.

Changing Moles-Moles that grow quickly or moles need to be examined, as they could be signs of melanoma

Dome Shaped or Jagged Edged Moles-Dome shaped or irregularly shaped moles that are raised and brown, tan, red, or pink are most likely the Spitz nevus, which is harmless. These will appear around 10 to 20 years old. Children can also be born with moles like this. If changes occur, see your pediatrician.

Bleeding Moles-See Powell Pediatrics if your child has moles that bleed, as this is not normal.

Many Moles-Having 50 or more moles will increase the risk of melanoma. Studies indicate that children in Australia who had more than 100 moles also had skin cancer.

Don’t play it safe. If you notice anything unusual, contact Powell Pediatrics today.