You Can Avoid Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Even though your children’s baby teeth are temporary, they are still very important to the health of your child’s permanent teeth. According to Powell Pediatrics, your baby or toddler can also get cavities. Kids need healthy and strong teeth to speak and chew food. The first teeth help make sure that the adult teeth erupt correctly.

Baby Bottle tooth decay is caused by long-term and frequent exposure of your children’s teeth to sugary drinks. These drinks include formula, milk, fruit juice, soda, and other types of sweetened drinks.

If you put your kids to sleep while they are holding a baby, bottle, your infant, or toddler’s baby teeth are constantly being exposed to sugar. If your baby must have a bottle in the crib, switch to plain water.

Powell Pediatrics recommends that you skip sugary drinks as often as possible to avoid baby bottle tooth decay.

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