A Knoxville Pediatrician to the Rescue

If you and your family are looking for a new pediatrician, look no further than Powell Pediatrics. This awesome pediatrician in Knoxville has the right stuff to keep your children healthy.

Knoxville Pediatrician

Dr. Carl Timothy Morris and his team are dedicated to the care of your children from infants to young adults. This makes it easy when it comes to choosing a new pediatrician in Knoxville.

Overall and Mental Health

When it comes to examinations, Dr. Morris and his team are extremely thorough taking a look at why things are becoming more and more difficult for children.

Just like adults, kids can also suffer from behavioral issues. If you follow this blog you will recall that too many issues are put under the same label.

Powell Pediatrics looks at the entire picture so that your child can get a proper diagnosis when it comes to medical and behavioral issues.

A Pediatrician You Can Trust

If you would like to learn more, call or send a direct message and schedule an appointment with Powell Pediatrics today.