Make An Appointment With Powell Pediatrics Now That Your Kids Are In School

Now that the kids are back in school, it is time to make an appointment with Powell Pediatrics. Your sons and daughters will be playing sports and mixing with other kids, and if they need shots or a check-up get them into see Dr. Morris.


gh some kids started school in August, the majority of the country begins class’s right after Labor Day. Now is the time to make sure your children are rested and ready to hit the books in good health.

All states require vaccinations against specific illnesses like polio, mumps, measles, and other infectious diseases. State laws do vary, and some exemptions might be allowed for religious or medical reasons. Check with Dr. Morris, the health department, or the school for specifics.

Remember, vaccines are not just for the young ones. Middle school and high school students also need to be up-to-date on their vaccinations, including meningococcal vaccine, or MCV4. This vaccine ???????? ?????? starts at age 11 or 12 for girls and boys. Tdap, or tetanus, diphtheria and acellular pertussis start at age 11. Don’t forget the annual flu shots as kids in school have the highest flu rate.

One in four children has to deal with allergies, and almost half are moderate or severe. 10% of kids have asthma that goes undiagnosed. Allergies and asthma are one of the main reasons that children miss school. Parents misidentify allergies, and just think that their kids are having colds, but it is best to check with Dr. Morris so that you can rule out allergies. Allergy triggers include casino online uk animals in maquinas de slots the classroom, or exposure to other kids in class that casino online have pets at home. Other triggers could be mice, chalk dust, poor ventilation, pollen, and insect stings. You cannot control these things, but if your child is exhibiting symptoms, it is imperative that you make an appointment with Dr. Morris. He can identify the triggers and create a plan for medication and allergy shots. Most schools will allow your kids to carry medications and inhalers, but it is vital that you maintain communication with the school authorities. Do not wait until school is in session, records need to be shared, and forms need to be filled out, so allow a couple of weeks to get everything done.

When your kids start school make sure to pay close attention to diet. Prepare a healthy breakfast, and make sure you pack a lunch, or lunch money. Kids also get dehydrated during the day, so make sure that you pack plenty of water.