The Common Cold Really is Common

Fall has arrived and so has the cold and flu season. Unfortunately, kids who are in school are more susceptible to illness as they are exposed to all kinds of things that can cause seasonal cold and flu.

According to Powell Pediatrics colds usually last anywhere from four to 10 days and unless you have an infant, are not life threatening.

Colds are viruses that occur in the upper respiratory tract and with more than 200 viruses that could cause a cold; it is no wonder kids in school are so susceptible. The most common is the rhinovirus. Because a cold is a viral infection, antibiotics are not useful when treating the common cold.

Preschool kids have about nine colds a year while kindergartners will suffer from about 12 annually. Adolescents and adults will have around seven colds every year.

The best way to prevent colds is to teach your kids how to wash their hands properly.

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