Thank God For Powell Pediatrics!

My husband had just moved to Tennessee from the UK and we needed to find a good pediatrician. We are used to socialized medicine in the commonwealth and were not sure what to expect when we moved to the US.

John and our family had just been tra

nsferred from London to a small town in Tennessee. My husband John is an IT guy for Microsoft. His expertise was needed in Tennessee so we moved a couple of months ago. We rented a great property just outside of Powell, but with three kids and one on the way, we needed to find a good, no, a great pediatrician. I was born and raised in the UK and my three kids were used to seeing the same family Doctor that I had grown up with. Needless to say, we were across the pond, and that wasn’t our reality any longer.

The minute we moved in, I felt right at home. Our next door neighbor brought over a casserole, I had always heard of them, but never knew spielautomaten what they were, and she proceeded to tell us about the best grocery stores, shopping malls and, thank God, pediatricians. Olga highly recommended Powell Pediatrics. Dr. Carl Timothy Morris has been a practicing pediatrician for over 10 years, and his practice, Powell Pediatrics, was highly recommended.

We made an appointment the following Monday and instantly felt like family. His assistant Cynthia Morris has been with the practice since 2006 and treated us like a member of the family the minute we walked through the door. Both of my sons and daughter instantly felt at ease and were happy to be escorted into the examination room. Dr. Morris was friendly and animated and made us all feel at ease. After he gave all of the kids a lollypop, yes, me too, we walked out happy and healthy, eager for our next visit. Dr. Morris also recommended a wonderful hospital that would be able to accommodate the birth of baby number four.

A month has passed by and Dr. Morris and the rest of his staff have been over to the house several times. Not for emergencies, just because that is the way that life rolls in the small town of Powell, Tennessee. We have all made plans to dress up for Halloween and share turkey for Thanksgiving. Don’t you just love it? Cefadroxil 250mg Blood Pressure