Keep Your Family Cool This Summer

Heat stroke can happen to anyone, even your kids. However, according to Powell Pediatrics there are some things you can do to keep everyone from overheating during the warmer summer months.

Tips for Staying Cool

Chill bedrooms before naps and sleep time as this will help keep them in bed. Try to maintain a consistent temperature whether it is 2:00 pm or 2:00 am.

Use electric fans and stand up air conditioners when you can to help keep the air circulating.

Make sure that your kids stay hydrated and cool. Buy a kiddie pool and keep plenty of water on hand as well.

Try and avoid the car. Even with air conditioning it can be hot, especially when you are dealing with car seats. If you must drive keep plenty of water onboard.

Dr. Carl Morris recommends plenty of sunscreen as well and don’t forget the hats. Sunscreen helps prevent skin cancer.

Powell Pediatrics

This summer keep everyone cool and remember to schedule regular checkups for your kids. While cold season is still a few months away, children can still get the sniffles.

Call and set up appointments for your children with Powell Pediatrics today.