Keep Your Kids Safe this Cold Season

Cold season is in full swing and that means more kids missing school. However, according to Powell Pediatrics, there are some things you can do to keep your kids safe this winter. While cold weather doesn’t cause colds, it certainly doesn’t help. The common cold is caused by a virus, or viruses, which are more predominant during the colder months.

Preventing Colds

  • Use soap and water and wash hands frequently
  • Cover mouths
  • Get immunized
  • Always supervise your kids and their playmates
  • Dress warm
  • Use hand sanitizer

Remember, infants and young children aren’t as tolerant when it comes to cold weather. Limit outdoor time and keep cold exposure to a minimum.

Also, remember to dress your kids appropriately with winter accessories including hats, mittens or gloves, a warm jacket and a scarf.

One of the best ways to keep kids safe is to have regular checkups with a pediatrician in Knoxville. Call and schedule your appointment with Powell Pediatrics today.