Keeping Kids Healthy Year Round

Along with the holidays come sweet and savory treats that for some kids are too hard to resist. Think back when you were a child and you will have fond memories of the Christmas buffet table.

With that being said you most probably have memories of a tummy ache, heartburn or worse. Overindulging on too much of a good thing isn’t good for anyone, but can be especially harmful for children.

Healthy Eating All Year Round

Powell Pediatrics recommends keeping a close eye all year round. This way your children won’t feel like they can just go for it when they get around the buffet table.

According to Powell Pediatrics everything in moderation is best, especially if your children have a tendency to overindulge all year round.

Kids that carry too much weight are usually over eating. Encouraging this type of behavior will only make things worse, especially around the holidays.

If you are having trouble with healthy diets for kids call and schedule an appointment. Powell Pediatrics has the tools to help your kids lose weight and stay healthy all year round.

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