Measles are on the Rise

The measles epidemic that hit California last month, 59 confirmed cases so far, is just one more reason to have your children vaccinated. Powell Pediatrics recommends that you have your kids vaccinated against all diseases that could affect the rest of their lives.

According to authorities, measles is nothing to laugh at, and this particular strain is especially bad as even people who have had the vaccination before are coming down with the disease.

Although it was thought that people who have had the measles vaccination were immune, that is no longer the case as two of the people who contracted the disease last December were previously vaccinated.

Disease experts now claim that one in ten people who were immunized as children are just as susceptible to the disease as people who have never had a measles vaccination.

When it comes to measles or any other infectious disease, Powell Pediatrics recommends that you do the right thing and get your kids immunized as soon as they are old enough.