Poison Oak and What to Watch For

Poison oak, poison ivy, and poison sumac are most dangerous during the spring and summer. Some kids are highly allergic to poison oak, poison ivy, and poison sumac, which can mean a trip to the ER.

Why is Poison Oak Poison Ivy and Poison Sumac so Dangerous?

Because all of the plants contain urushiol, which is an oil sap that causes allergic reactions, it results in a red and itchy rash. The rash can appear within hours or several days after exposure.

Poison Oak Poison Ivy and Poison Sumac Symptoms

  • Red and itchy skin
  • A rash that appears in patches or streaks
  • Red bums or large blisters

Call Powell Pediatrics immediately if your child has severe swelling and problems breathing. If your child has been exposed to smoke from any of the plants or if the rash is covering more than a quarter of his or her body. If a fever develops and the rash is on the genitals, eyes and lips, call Powell Pediatrics immediately.