Powell Pediatrics For The Care Of Your Family

Powell Pediatrics knows how important healthcare is, and if you have been dealing with a sick child, Dr. Tim Morris and his friendly staff can help. You will be in awe of the pediatrics center that is located in Powell Tennessee.

A pediatrician is a physician who goes through three additional years of medical training that is specifically devoted to infant, child, and adolescent care. Dr. Morris was trained in child behavior, development, and preventative medicine and can manage and diagnose chronic and acute illnesses in children.

If you are pregnant, it is important to start looking for a pediatrician before you give birth. It is advised that you make an appointment with Powell Pediatrics between 24 and 32 weeks. This way if you give birth before your due date you will have plenty of time to get to know Dr. Morris and his staff. Make sure that your obstetrician, caregiver, or midwife knows the name, address, and phone number of Powell Pediatrics.

Powell Pediatrics is committed to your children and strives to build trusting and long relationships with your kids. From infants to toddlers, tweens and teens, Dr. Tim Morris will make sure that your children are protected. Remember, kids are not small adults and go through emotional, physical, and cognitive changes from the moment they are born well into adulthood. Dr. Morris has been trained to help you and your family go through the normal stages of development and helps you recognize any abnormalities that could arise.

Your first visit to Powell Pediatrics should be at between two and five days of birth, followed by two months, four months, 15 months, 18 months, and 24 months. It is during these visits that your son or daughters development will be thoroughly reviewed. You will be able to take care of all of your kid’s shots and be able to talk with Dr. Morris about any concerns that you may have.

The cold and flu season is on its way and in some cases already here. Powell Pediatrics recommends flu vaccinations as soon as possible to avoid the inevitable. Kids get sick, especially when they are exposed to other children. A flu shot will help prevent those achy feverish days that will make you feel as miserable as your son and daughter.

Powell Pediatrics can also help with behavioral issues that may be affecting your son or daughter. If you suspect that your child might be dealing with ADD, ADHA, ODD or Autism schedule and appointment today.