Schedule Flu Shots with Powell Pediatrics

Now that school has started, kids will be more susceptible to colds and flu, and if your son or daughter hasn’t had a flu shot, talk to Powell Pediatrics.

Unfortunately, not all families believe in vaccinating their kids before school starts, and if your children are exposed to boys and girls who have not had a flu shot, your kids may be the ones who suffer.

If your son or daughter is over the age of six months old, Powell Pediatrics recommends flu shots. Influenza can lead to serious complications including hospitalization and in some cases, even death. Each flu season differs and the infection can affect children and adults differently. Even people who lead a healthy lifestyle can succumb to the flu spreading it to other schoolchildren.

According to Powell Pediatrics, the flu season generally from late September to late may, but that is just a rough estimate.

If you want to protect your children as they head into the school year, schedule an appointment for flu shots with Powell Pediatrics today.