Trusting Pediatrician in Knoxville

Powell Pediatrics is the only pediatrician in Knoxville that has years of experience. In fact, the team from Powell Pediatrics, led by Dr. Carl Timothy Morris helps your children with everything from physical to mental ailments and even emotional disorders.

You truly are in the best hands when your family becomes a part of this in Knoxville pediatrician’s family.

Behavioral and Academic Issues

The past couple of years have certainly been tough on kids and their families. Even well balanced and healthy kids have suffered from emotional, behavioral and/or academic problems.

Social distancing has certainly taken its toll with children of all ages missing the kinship and fellowship of other students.

Taking the Powell Pediatrics patient assessment form helps you and your doctor in Knoxville determine what types, if any, behavioral or academic issues that your child or teen, or anything in-between may suffer from.

Pediatrician in Knoxville

If you haven’t been to a pediatrician or believe that your family doctor isn’t helping your kids call and schedule an appointment with Powell Pediatrics.

Your kids will love the experience and so will you. Call and make an appointment and take the pediatric assessment in Knoxville today.