Healthy Eating Habits for Kids

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to watch what your kids eat. You can’t be with them 24/7. With that being said, there are some things you can do to make sure they are getting the proper nutrition. Start the Day Right Making a good breakfast before the kids start their day is essential. Gather round … Continued

Are You Vaccinated Against Measles?

The recent outbreak of measles has become epidemic. Children, teens, and adults are succumbing to the disease, which is spread via saliva and mucus. Measles is so contagious that it can be spread through the air when someone coughs or sneezes. Powell Pediatrics explains that experts believe the refusal to vaccinate is the main reason … Continued

Seasonal Allergies Seem to Be Year Round

Spring is here and with that comes seasonal allergies. Sometimes those allergies can be so bad that kids end up missing days at school. According to Powell Pediatrics, the airborne pollens and other toxic pollutants are just getting worse. In some cases, there is no more, “Seasonal,” in the term seasonal allergies. Dr. Carl Timothy … Continued

Spring and Colds and Flu

Spring may be around the corner, but that does not mean the cold and flu season is over. In fact, with the change of weather, cold, flu, and of course allergies are still rampant, especially for school kids. Germs Spread Get a bunch of kids together and you are bound to see some germs. Make … Continued

3 Tips for Preventing Colds and Flu this Winter

Preventing colds and flu can be tough, especially this year. It’s one of the coldest winters on record with Powell Pediatrics seeing the healthiest of kids come down with colds and flu. Keeping your kids safe can be tough, but there are some things you can do to keep your kids in school and out … Continued

It’s Not To Late for a Flu Shot

The flu season is one of the worst on record, and if you didn’t get a flu shot for your kids, you could be paying the price. With so many flu strains going around, it’s hard to keep your children safe. Thankfully, it’s not to late to schedule an appointment with Powell Pediatrics for a … Continued

Keeping Kids Healthy During the Holidays

Keeping your kids healthy during the holidays can be tough. With parties, events and other activities happening from October to the first part of January, it’s important to keep tabs on what they are putting in their mouths. Keep Candy to a Minimum If you want to keep your kids healthy, skip the hard and … Continued

A Healthy Diet for Your Family is Essential

If your kids aren’t doing well in school, it could have something to do with diet. According to Dr. Carl Timothy Morris from Powell Pediatrics, there is something to be said about the age-old saying, “You are what you eat.” If your family lives on unhealthy snacks at home and fast food for a quick … Continued

Eating Disorders Affect Kids Too

Eating disorders affect millions of people all over the world, but it isn’t just adults who suffer from eating disorders. Anorexia nervosa and bulimia is becoming commonplace in teens and adolescents with some kids being diagnosed as young as ten are. Whatever the reason, kids seem to be striving to be thin with the media … Continued

Powell Pediatrics for the Health of Your Family

Powell Pediatrics cannot stress the importance of regular checkups for your infants, kids, and teens. Regular checkups with Dr. Morris and the team from Powell Pediatrics assure healthy kids and a healthy family. Most folks understand what can happen when one member of the family gets a cold or flu. Everyone else seems to come … Continued