Keeping Safe This Summer in TN

Summer is nearly here and that means lots of time outside. Lots of time outside also means more exposure to nasties like bug bites, poison oak, poison ivy and poison sumac. All of these can have disastrous complications if you aren’t prepared. Treating Bug Bites and Stings Powell Pediatrics explains that most stings and bites … Continued

April is National Facial Protection Month

Spring is here and that means sports. In fact, April is facial awareness month meaning it’s time for the checklist from Powell Pediatrics. Protection Plus National Facial Protection Month is about protecting heads against injury. While helmets and pads are a necessity for some sports, custom-made mouth protectors don’t get the same press. Mouth protectors … Continued

Preventing Injuries this Spring and Summer

Spring and summer sports for all ages are great, but they can also put your kids at risk when it comes to injuries, however according to Powell Pediatrics there are some things you can do to prevent a trip to the emergency room this summer. Custom Made Mouthguards Custom-made mouthguards are a step up from … Continued

Powell Pediatrics for Healthy Kids

Powell Pediatrics is dedicated to the health and well-being of your children. From infants to teens, Dr. Carl Timothy Morris understands how each child is different and caters to those differences. From dieting to mental help, you can depend on your pediatrician in Knoxville to keep your kids safe and healthy, especially during the cold … Continued

Keeping Your Family Safe this Winter

It’s a cold winter and that means the cold and flu season is in full swing. From coughs and sneezing to stomach problems and more, it’s no fun getting sick, but there are some things you can do to prevent colds and flu from invading your household. Keeping Things Clean Dr. Carl Timothy Morris from … Continued

Watch the Snacks This Winter

It’s December and that means kids will be spending more time indoors and more time searching for snacks. More time on their hands means less exercise as well. If you follow the Powell Pediatrics Blog you will remember that there are millions of obese children in the United States with Type 2 diabetes on the … Continued

Annual Flu Shots for Reduced Risk

The cold and flu season has officially arrived and that means it’s time for an annual flu shot for you and your family. Powell Pediatrics recommends annual flu shots to prevent you and your kids from getting sick. Annual Flu Shots to Keep You Safe According to the CDC, annual flu shots prevent the risk … Continued

The Difference Between the Cold and Flu

The cold and flu season is here, but do you know the difference between the cold and the flu? Keeping Your Kids Healthy The flu and the cold are different. While they are both considered viruses and both contagious, the common cold, while having milder symptoms, will last longer. The flu on the other hand … Continued

A Healthy Diet is the Key

If you and your family have a tough time staying fit and healthy, it could have something to do with your diet. Meal planning is essential, especially in this day and age. Plan Ahead and Stay Healthy Most people resort to fast food because it is easier. Sadly, it is also very unhealthy. According to … Continued

Regular Vaccines Prevent Deadly Disease

Powell Pediatrics understands the importance of vaccines, especially for babies. If you have a newborn and have not been able to see a pediatrician, call and schedule an appointment with Dr. Carl Timothy Morris. Your Knoxville pediatrician cannot stress the importance of that first appointment as it sets the stage for your child’s health for … Continued