Childhood Obesity Could it Be Inherited?

Childhood obesity is a growing epidemic, and according to recent studies may have something to do with genetics.

If you or your partner is prone to obesity and weight gain and your child is obese, your son or daughter could have inherited from either parent. Studies indicate that about 40 percent of your child’s weight is inherited from mom or dad, and if the two of you are overweight, that percentage could be even higher.

After analyzing data from kids from six countries, about 100,000 to be exact, researchers discovered that 20 percent of children’s BMI, or body mass index, is inherited from the father and 20 percent from the mother. What is even more shocking is that overweight parents are two times more likely to have kids who are overweight as well.

Watching what you eat is imperative if you want your kids to be healthy. Powell Pediatrics can help you and your family with a diet plan that will keep everyone happy.

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