Watch the Snacks This Winter

It’s December and that means kids will be spending more time indoors and more time searching for snacks.

More time on their hands means less exercise as well. If you follow the Powell Pediatrics Blog you will remember that there are millions of obese children in the United States with Type 2 diabetes on the rise as well.

Keep Sugary Snacks at the Grocery Store

While kids love sugar it’s important that you watch what kinds of snacks they are consuming. Instead of hard and soft candy, try making some of your own sweet snacks.

There are some excellent recipes for fruit rollups on the internet. Fruit rollups are a wonderful alternative and a healthy and sweet snack. Best of all, everyone loves them, even adults.

Make Exercise Fun

Start a routine and get the entire family involved. You can go on a bi weekly hike or get the bikes ready for a morning ride. There is no end to what you can do when you start exercising with your kids.

If you would like more information regarding healthy snacks for kids and healthy diets, call and talk to a team member from Powell Pediatrics today.