A Healthy Immune System Matters

When the weather starts to change, so do the chances of cold and flu. Fall brings sniffles, headaches, the chills and fever but it doesn’t have to.

According to Powell Pediatrics boosting your family’s immune system right now will help prevent cold and flu throughout the year.

A Healthy Diet

Eating a diet full of healthy fruits and veggies, whole grains, olive and avocado oil, seeds and nuts, legumes, poultry and fish is the best way to keep the immune system healthy.

Try limiting or avoiding fried and processed foods and eat at home whenever possible as fast food is loaded with hidden fats and empty calories.

Powell Pediatrics also recommends keeping red meat, sugar and dessert to a minimum. In other words save the cakes and cookies for special events.

Your Immune System Matters

If you haven’t seen Powell Pediatrics in some time schedule an appointment for your kids. This pediatrician in Knoxville can help you guide your family to a better way of eating.

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