ADHD and Accident Prone Kids

If your kids are prone to accidents it’s important that you schedule an appointment with a pediatrician in Knoxville. A doctor will be able to tell if your child is suffering from ADHD.

If you notice that your son or daughter has problems focusing, is quick to move and has a tendency to act before thinking the issue could be ADHD.

Accidents and ADHD

Dr. Mike Morris will be able to determine if your child is suffering from ADHD which just may solve the problem.

Studies are confirming what parents and pediatricians in Knoxville have known all along. That people, yes, even adults, who think too quickly put themselves at greater risk when it comes to accidents.

ADHD and Accidents

Powell Pediatrics explains that if your son or daughter isn’t able to follow directions or understand what adults are saying the risk of injury goes up as does the lack of coordination.

If your child is accident prone it could be more than you think. Call or schedule an appointment and schedule a checkup for your son or daughter today. ADHD could be the problem.

Schedule an appointment today.