Annual Flu Shots for Reduced Risk

The cold and flu season has officially arrived and that means it’s time for an annual flu shot for you and your family. Powell Pediatrics recommends annual flu shots to prevent you and your kids from getting sick.

Annual Flu Shots to Keep You Safe

According to the CDC, annual flu shots prevent the risk of the virus. An annual flu shot can also be a lifesaver for your kids. A first of its kind study back in 2017 showed the annual flu vaccinations reduce your child’s risk of hospitalization and death.

Flu Shots Reduce the Severity

According to Powell Pediatrics, some people who have the annual flu vaccine will still get sick. However, the severity of the illness is much less than it is for people who do not get vaccinated.

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Reducing the risk of the flu is vital, especially with the Corona Virus in the mix. Call and schedule an appointment for your kid’s annual flu vaccinations in Knoxville today.