Are You Ready for The Flu?

With one of the worst flu seasons on record affecting millions of people all over the United States, children are particularly vulnerable. According to Powell Pediatrics, people are dying from this particular strain.

The flu can be prevented with an annual flu shot from Powell Pediatrics. It’s not too late to protect your kids against the flu. In a recent study, the flu vaccine showed a reduction in childhood deaths from the influenza virus.

The United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that you and your family have a flu shot every year starting at the age of six months. In addition to the annual flu shot, stay away from people who are sick and make it a habit to wash hands. Wear a mask in public if you are in a particularly large area with lots of people.

If your kids haven’t had a flu shot this year, call or click and schedule an appointment with Powell Pediatrics. It’s not too late to immunize your children this winter.

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