Cold and Flu Season Doesn’t Have to Affect You

The cold and flu season is in full swing and if you and your family keep coming down with the same cold constantly re-infecting each other and everyone around you, it’s time to schedule an appointment with Powell Pediatrics. Powell Pediatrics can examine your kids and determine if what they have is just the common cold, or something more serious.

This winter promises to be one of the coldest and wettest on record and if your kids are paying the price with a nasty cold and flu season Powell Pediatrics can help.

The Farmer’s Almanac claims that 2017 2018 will be colder than the previous year with temperatures dipping below freezing. That means keeping your kids bundled up and protected against the harsh winter elements is imperative if you want to keep colds and flu away from your family this cold and flu season.

If coughing and sneezing is taking over your household, call or click and schedule an appointment with Powell Pediatrics today.