Custom Made Mouth Guards an Essential

Powell Pediatrics can’t stress the importance of a mouth guard for sports. This is National Facial Protection Month. This means it is time to take stock of the playing field.

If your kids enjoy baseball or tennis, or like to skateboard or mountain bike call and schedule an appointment.

Custom Made Mouth Protector

Powell Pediatrics will custom make a mouth protector that will help keep your son or daughter out of the ER.

While there are two other types of mouth guards, standard and boil and bite, none will keep your kids as safe as a custom made mouth protector.

Knoxville Pediatrician

Talk Dr. Mike Morris about a custom made mouth guard for every member of your family.

From adolescents to teens and adults everyone can benefit from a custom made mouth guard from your pediatrician in Knoxville.

Don’t Risk It

Thousands of mouth injuries are avoided every year because of custom made mouth guards.

Make sure you and your family have helmets, pads AND mouth guards. When you do you’ll have less chance of spending your Saturday in the emergency room.

Call and schedule an appointment with your pediatrician in Knoxville today.