Keep Your Kids out of the ER with a Flu Shot

The flu season seems to be going on forever this year, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t protect your kids from the dreaded flu. Flu shots are still available from Powell Pediatrics and can help keep your children safe as the symptoms of one of the worst flu’s on record continues to plague the entire country.

According to Powell Pediatrics, kids who are exposed to the flu are more apt to catch it, especially if they haven’t had a flu shot. Powell Pediatrics explains that annual flu shots will protect everyone in the family, and although they will not work on all strains, will certainly work better than nothing at all.

Every year it seems that flu strains are getting worse with super bugs cropping up to beat the flu shot. No two strains are alike with new germs causing severe flu that has become deadly.

Keep your kids out of the ER and call or click and schedule an appointment for a flu shot for your children. After all, wouldn’t you rather be safe than sorry?