Keep your Kids Healthy this Fall

Once the kids are back in school, you can expect a few colds and flu. September means the seasons are about to change. Add a bunch of kids in a crowded classroom to the mix and you are bound to have a sick child or two home from school.

According to Powell Pediatrics, one of the best ways to keep your child healthy this fall is to make sure to include lots of Vitamin C in their diets. Remind them how important it is to watch hands and give them a hand sanitizer to keep in their backpack or the locker at school.

Even if your kids are too young for school, it is still important to keep them healthy as kids under the age of three catch between six to eight colds every year. If your child does catch a cold, make a pot of chicken soup as it is loaded with anti-inflammatory ingredients that can ease the symptoms of the common cold. Soup is also easier to digest.

Keep your child healthy this fall and be sure to schedule a checkup with Powell Pediatrics. After all, a pound of prevention really is worth a pound of cure.