Measles and Other Vaccinations Are Important

The measles is at epidemic level with experts believing it has something to do with parents not vaccinating their kids. Although there has been no connection found between vaccinations and autism, parents are still refusing to vaccinate their children out of fear.

Vaccinate for Measles and Other Diseases

Vaccinating your children keeps them and others safe. If your child comes down with the measles, you haven’t had them, and you get them, you will get much sicker than your kids will. In fact, measles can be fatal to young children and seniors.

Vaccinations Save Lives

When vaccinations first began decades ago, they eradicated many diseases such as polio, the chicken pox, and the measles. Sadly, those diseases are beginning to make a comeback because parents are not vaccinating their children.

If your kids are not vaccinated, or they need a booster, call and schedule an appointment with Powell Pediatrics. Keeping everyone safe is the mission.

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