Poison Oak Poison Ivy Poison Sumac

Poison Oak, Poison Ivy, and Poison Sumac are in season, and if your kids are spending more time outdoors, Powell Pediatrics recommends that you make your sons and daughters away of what the plants look like and to steer clear whenever possible.

All three plants can be found in Tennessee

Poison Oak-Poison Oak leaves resemble oak leaves, with three to seven leaflets in each leaf group. Poison Oak grows in shrubs and on a vine.

Poison Sumac-With seven to 13 leaflets on each leaf stem, the poison sumac leaves have pointed tips and smooth edges. Found in swampy areas they grow as small trees or shrubs.

Poison Ivy-Three spoon shaped broad leaves or leaflets are most common, but there can be more. Poison Ivy can sprawl through grass, climb low are high or grow as a shrub.

If you or your kids are exposed to Poison Oak, Poison Ivy or Poison Sumac call Powell Pediatrics immediately.