Powell Pediatrics For Your Childs Allergies

Powell Pediatrics knows how tough allergies can be on your kids, and if your son or daughter has been sniffling and sneezing, it could be time to make an appointment with Dr. Tim. Of course, colds still happen during the spring and summer, but chances are what your child is experiencing is hay fever due to pollen, dust and dirt.

Although some children have to deal with seasonal allergies like grass, mold, or pollen, especially during the spring, some may have allergies year round.

Make an appointment with Powell Pediatrics and find out if your son or daughter is suffering from a seasonal allergy, which can be harder to diagnose, or a year round allergy. Dr. Tim Morris will be able to determine if your kids are suffering from seasonal allergies, sinus infections, or colds. He can do this by taking allergy skin tests, or allergy blood tests.

Don’t let your kids suffer, call today.