Powell Pediatrics for Obesity in Kids

According to Dr. Carl Timothy Morris from Powell Pediatrics children are developing eating habits that are increasing the risk of obesity. Recent studies show that fast food, hours in front of the computer and television along with a lack of movement and exercise are all contributing factors to obesity.

What Causes Obesity?

Your Knoxville pediatrician explains that while there are many contributing factors when it comes to obesity the four main causes are sleep routines, the level of physical activity, eating patterns and genetics. For some certain medications may also be to blame.

Sadly obesity can be associated with depression and anxiety. Children who are overweight also suffer from low self-esteem along with social issues such as stigma and bullying. Powell Pediatrics also says that obesity could be caused by caregiver and parent behavior.

You can help your kids by teaching healthy meal choices while encouraging your children to stay active and keep fit. Resist the urge to pick up a fast food unhealthy meal and start preparing healthier food at home.

Nip Obesity in the Bud

If you could use some help call and schedule an appointment. Dr. Morris and his team are ready to help you and your family with better choices.

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