Powell Pediatrics for the Cold and Flu Season

Christmas is coming and with that comes lots of events including recitals, school pageants and of course, family parties.

Keeping your kids safe from all of the bugs going around during the winter months can be tough, even if you have had your children vaccinated against the flu. Schedule an appointment with Powell Pediatrics who can make sure that your sons and daughters are protected.

Powell Pediatrics also recommends that you teach your children to wash their hands often. Not only can colds and flu be spread from person to person, you or your kids can also get sick just by touching a doorknob, a handrail, or even the button on an elevator.

Make sure that your children eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and stay away from junk food. Healthy insides make for a better defense when it comes to colds and flu.

This holiday season keep your family healthy and schedule an appointment for your children with Powell Pediatrics.