Seasonal Allergies Seem to Be Year Round

Spring is here and with that comes seasonal allergies. Sometimes those allergies can be so bad that kids end up missing days at school. According to Powell Pediatrics, the airborne pollens and other toxic pollutants are just getting worse. In some cases, there is no more, “Seasonal,” in the term seasonal allergies.

Dr. Carl Timothy Morris from Powell Pediatrics explains that keeping your kids indoors when it’s windy can help keep the allergies at bay. There are mobile apps that you can download that will give you weather reports. Those reports send out heavy pollen notifications. They are free and handy to have during the spring.

If other allergies besides the great outdoors are affecting your kids, it could be something else entirely. Talk to Powell Pediatrics about having your son or daughter tested for food and other allergies. All of the sneezing could be due to a peanut of dairy allergy.

Keep your kids safe this spring and schedule an appointment with Powell Pediatrics today.