Spring and Colds and Flu

Spring may be around the corner, but that does not mean the cold and flu season is over. In fact, with the change of weather, cold, flu, and of course allergies are still rampant, especially for school kids.

Germs Spread

Get a bunch of kids together and you are bound to see some germs. Make sure your kids wash their hands and remind them to keep them clean when they are at school and at a friend’s place. Cleanliness is the best defense against cold and flu.

Allergy Prevention

If spring allergies are a problem for your kids talk to Powell Pediatrics. Dr. Mike Morris will recommend solutions for spring allergies. A change of diet and staying out of the pollens is a good way to prevent spring allergies.

For the best and healthiest spring call and schedule an appointment with Powell Pediatrics. With outdoor fun coming up you will want to keep your family healthy. Call for a physical for your kids today.