Talk to your Pediatrician about Childhood Obesity

When it comes to your kids, you want the best health care possible, and that is where Powell Pediatrics comes in. Unlike other family doctors, Powell Pediatrics specializes in infants, toddlers, adolescents, tweens and teens.

One of the biggest concerns these days is obesity in children. Unfortunately, childhood obesity has quadrupled in adolescents and doubled in children since 1980.

Today about one in three kids and teens in the United States is overweight. In fact, obesity is the number one concern for pediatricians and parents in America topping smoking and drug abuse.

If your child, teen or adolescent is overweight schedule an appointment with Powell Pediatrics to rule out any medical conditions. At home, focus on changes in diet and encourage your kids to get involved in physical activities.

Instead of junk food, offer your kids healthy and nutritious snacks. Limit sugary beverages and include non-fat and low fat dairy products. Give your entire family plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains and don’t forget to pay attention to portion size.