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Powell Pediatrics: Treating Newborns To Young Adults For 10 Years

Newborns health concerns are quite different from a toddler, even more so with a teenager and finding a qualified Knoxville Pediatrician who can address the individual needs from birth through to college years is vital if you want your family to grow up healthy.

Dr. Tim Morris has been practicing pediatrics for over 10 years and believes in serving the healthcare needs of your children. He and his staff offer adolescent and pediatric care to families in Knox and surrounding counties.

Your Knoxville Pediatrician can give your children newborn exams and vaccinations. When your kids start to get older, make an appointment for your toddler for sick and well exams. If you are noticing behavioral issues with your two year old and suspect autism, the friendly staff at Powell Pediatrics can help with an evaluation of your child.

Once your kids reach adolescence it is imperative that they see a pediatrician on a regular basis. Sports physicals are necessary if your children want to participate in athletics. When your kids start school, you may notice behavioral issues, and if your children have been spending more time in the principal’s office than in class, you could be dealing with ADD, ADHD, or ODD. Your Pediatrician in Knoxville will be able to give you a behavioral evaluation for your children, which will help deal with problems and school, and at home.

Teenagers have to deal with a multitude of issues. If your son or daughter has an injury or is dealing with problem skin, Dr. Tim Morris can help. One of the worst things that a teen has to deal with is acne. Not only do they have to deal with the pain of breakouts, but the bullying could be a real issue. Powell Pediatrics can help with any health care issue that your newborn, toddler, adolescent, tween, or teen may be having.

Make an appointment with the friendly folks at Powell Pediatrics and get your kids back on the road to health.