Cold and Flu Season Has Arrived

The cold and flu season is here, and made even worse thanks to Mother Nature and her quirky ways. This fall it seems like it feels like summer one day and winter the next.

One of the best ways to prevent cold and flu is to schedule regular appointments with Powell Pediatrics. Powell Pediatrics will give your kids a thorough examination and give you some tips on how to keep your children safe this cold and flu season. Below are a few to remember.

  1. Encourage your kids, and friends who visit to wash hands after playing, before eating, after sneezing and after nose blowing. Make sure the used tissue is discarded.
  2. Get the whole family vaccinated against the flu
  3. No cup sharing
  4. Keep a safe distance
  5. Cover up your mouth when you cough
  6. Avoid crowds
  7. Get plenty of exercise

Staying healthy is imperative, especially if you want to keep your kids in school. There is nothing worse than having a houseful of sick family members.

Call or click and schedule your appointment with Powell Pediatrics for your flu shot this cold and flu season.