ADHD and Accident Prone Kids

If your kids are prone to accidents it’s important that you schedule an appointment with a pediatrician in Knoxville. A doctor will be able to tell if your child is suffering from ADHD. If you notice that your son or daughter has problems focusing, is quick to move and has a tendency to act before … Continued

Keep Your Family Cool This Summer

Heat stroke can happen to anyone, even your kids. However, according to Powell Pediatrics there are some things you can do to keep everyone from overheating during the warmer summer months. Tips for Staying Cool Chill bedrooms before naps and sleep time as this will help keep them in bed. Try to maintain a consistent … Continued

Trusting Pediatrician in Knoxville

Powell Pediatrics is the only pediatrician in Knoxville that has years of experience. In fact, the team from Powell Pediatrics, led by Dr. Carl Timothy Morris helps your children with everything from physical to mental ailments and even emotional disorders. You truly are in the best hands when your family becomes a part of this … Continued

Powell Pediatrics When Family Matters

If you are looking for a pediatrician that you can trust schedule an appointment with Powell Pediatrics. Powell Pediatrics is the children’s doctor who does more than take temperatures and measure heartbeats. Overcoming All Types of Issues Dr. Carl Timothy Morris and his team have decades of experience in children’s physical, emotional and mental health. In … Continued

Custom Made Mouth Guards an Essential

Powell Pediatrics can’t stress the importance of a mouth guard for sports. This is National Facial Protection Month. This means it is time to take stock of the playing field. If your kids enjoy baseball or tennis, or like to skateboard or mountain bike call and schedule an appointment. Custom Made Mouth Protector Powell Pediatrics … Continued

A Deep Clean for Spring

Spring is nearly here and that means it’s time to get ready for all of those allergies that seem to pop up at this time of the year. It also means it’s time to check around your home for poisonous plants such as poison Ivy, poison oak and poison sumac. Clear Your Home for Health … Continued

Cold and Flu Season Protection

It’s the middle of winter and that means cold and flu season is officially here. With the cold and flu season in Knoxville in full swing, it’s time to do a checklist for the health and well-being of your kids and your entire family. Cold and Flu Season Tips Make Sure Everyone Washes Hands Wipe … Continued

Powell Pediatrics for Family Care

Powell Pediatrics has been providing families with pediatric care for well over a decade and is ready to help you and your family with your infant, toddler, adolescent and teen medical care. Powell Pediatrics is your one stop shop for family medical care. Regular Medical Care Dr. Carl Timothy Morris can’t stress the importance of … Continued

Be Proactive with Pediatric Care

Healthy kids need to be checked out just as much as ones that don’t feel well. If the past year has gotten the better of you and you have neglected checkups for the kids, it’s time to call Powell Pediatrics. It’s Never Too Late Dr. Carl Timothy Morris is a licensed pediatrician who understands how … Continued

Winter Safety for Healthy Kids

Winter is well on the way and that means it’s time to protect your kids against cold and flu. Of course, the best way to do that is to practice preventive medicine. Preventive medicine means keeping them healthy so that your children can ward off any type of virus or sickness. Tips for Keeping Kids Healthy … Continued