Powell Pediatrics for Obesity in Kids

According to Dr. Carl Timothy Morris from Powell Pediatrics children are developing eating habits that are increasing the risk of obesity. Recent studies show that fast food, hours in front of the computer and television along with a lack of movement and exercise are all contributing factors to obesity. What Causes Obesity? Your Knoxville pediatrician explains … Continued

Keeping Kids Healthy Year Round

Along with the holidays come sweet and savory treats that for some kids are too hard to resist. Think back when you were a child and you will have fond memories of the Christmas buffet table. With that being said you most probably have memories of a tummy ache, heartburn or worse. Overindulging on too … Continued

Powell Pediatrics for All Seasons

It’s fall and that means the sniffle are on the way as well. However, there are some things you can do to help prevent coughing and sneezing. Powell Pediatrics Recommends According to Powell Pediatrics keeping your kids warm and safe takes effort, especially when you consider you won’t be around them all of the time. … Continued

A Knoxville Pediatrician to the Rescue

If you and your family are looking for a new pediatrician, look no further than Powell Pediatrics. This awesome pediatrician in Knoxville has the right stuff to keep your children healthy. Knoxville Pediatrician Dr. Carl Timothy Morris and his team are dedicated to the care of your children from infants to young adults. This makes … Continued

A Healthy Immune System Matters

When the weather starts to change, so do the chances of cold and flu. Fall brings sniffles, headaches, the chills and fever but it doesn’t have to. According to Powell Pediatrics boosting your family’s immune system right now will help prevent cold and flu throughout the year. A Healthy Diet Eating a diet full of … Continued

ADHD and Accident Prone Kids

If your kids are prone to accidents it’s important that you schedule an appointment with a pediatrician in Knoxville. A doctor will be able to tell if your child is suffering from ADHD. If you notice that your son or daughter has problems focusing, is quick to move and has a tendency to act before … Continued

Keep Your Family Cool This Summer

Heat stroke can happen to anyone, even your kids. However, according to Powell Pediatrics there are some things you can do to keep everyone from overheating during the warmer summer months. Tips for Staying Cool Chill bedrooms before naps and sleep time as this will help keep them in bed. Try to maintain a consistent … Continued

Trusting Pediatrician in Knoxville

Powell Pediatrics is the only pediatrician in Knoxville that has years of experience. In fact, the team from Powell Pediatrics, led by Dr. Carl Timothy Morris helps your children with everything from physical to mental ailments and even emotional disorders. You truly are in the best hands when your family becomes a part of this … Continued

Powell Pediatrics When Family Matters

If you are looking for a pediatrician that you can trust schedule an appointment with Powell Pediatrics. Powell Pediatrics is the children’s doctor who does more than take temperatures and measure heartbeats. Overcoming All Types of Issues Dr. Carl Timothy Morris and his team have decades of experience in children’s physical, emotional and mental health. In … Continued

Custom Made Mouth Guards an Essential

Powell Pediatrics can’t stress the importance of a mouth guard for sports. This is National Facial Protection Month. This means it is time to take stock of the playing field. If your kids enjoy baseball or tennis, or like to skateboard or mountain bike call and schedule an appointment. Custom Made Mouth Protector Powell Pediatrics … Continued