Be Proactive with Pediatric Care

Healthy kids need to be checked out just as much as ones that don’t feel well. If the past year has gotten the better of you and you have neglected checkups for the kids, it’s time to call Powell Pediatrics.

It’s Never Too Late

Dr. Carl Timothy Morris is a licensed pediatrician who understands how time can get the better of things. Sometimes medical appointments in Knoxville are at the bottom of the list, especially during the holidays.

Pediatric Checkups in Knoxville

During a thorough checkup the team from Powell Pediatrics will discuss lifestyle and diet for all of your kids. Just because you have two toddlers doesn’t mean you shouldn’t practice proactive health and lifestyle choices.

Learning what is good and what isn’t good for you is also involved when it comes to good healthy choices for you and your family. Be sure to talk to Dr.  Morris about incorporating healthy lifestyle choices into your families lives.

For more information or to schedule pediatric appointments with Powell Pediatrics, call or send a direct message today.