Why You Still Need a Flu Shot

Taking care of your family by seeing your pediatrician on a regular basis is imperative, especially during the tail end of the flu season. According to Powell Pediatrics, the flu is still hanging around and it isn’t too late to get a flu shot.

Why You Still Need a Flu Shot?

It may be nearly spring, but flu is still around and this year it is worse than ever. Because there are so many super strains, flu vaccination is vital.

According to your pediatrician in Knoxville going without a flu shot this year is dangerous. Some of the strains of flu have put people in the hospital, especially if they have not had a flu shot.

Will My Kids Get the Flu from the Shot?

According to your Knoxville pediatrician, your kids will not get the flu. In fact, flu shots prevent the flu.

If your family, including your kids, is still unprotected against the flu, call and make an appointment with Powell Pediatrics today.